America part who?

America Part Two is the story of 3 friends from New Jersey. The band formed and recorded its first EP 'Pure' in early 2017. produced by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios, the EP is a snapshot of the trio’s recent trek through adolescence. they are currently gearing up for the release of a raw new single recorded by Pete Andrews of submergent studios, where they address glaring fallacies baked into the sociopolitical climate of america and offer a platform for the disenchanted youth. Seeing the world through the lens of DIY touring bands revealed to them the highest of highs and the lowest of lows from a young age. Constant hard lessons of the road have kept them honest and this outlet is their journey to self-actualization, as they vow to put into action the change they want to see in the world. America Part Two has honed in on one mission statement to define the band's purpose on this astonishingly beautiful and hideously corrupted Earth: Perpetuate Love, Fight Hate.